about us

OOK JEWELRY is a company with great dreams. We want to develop our business, but we can not achieve any success without support from our customers. We sincerely value our customers' support, and we aim to offer our customers trendy and nice stuff, good customer service. 

OOK JEWELRY is a professional fashion jewelry online wholesale supplier. It belongs to SINTEX APPAREL LIMITED(HK). SINTEX has a background of over 30 years of experience in the professional garment production industry, we have made OEM orders for many European Brands. We have our own factories and also hundreds of cooperating factories, all of which are experienced OEM or ODM manufacturers. Besides OOK, SINTEX also owns another wholesale baby and kids' clothing website www.kiskissing.com which is a leading children’s clothing supplier and distributor, we also have a fashion women clothing site: www.shestar.com

OOK JEWELRY online shop is the best choice for online or brick-and-mortar boutique store retailers. We mainly focus on trendy jewelry items, with a wide product range, like fashion jewelry collections, necklaces, earrings, rings,. Products at OOK normally are in stock so you can just place the order directly, without MOQ request. We offer you highly competitive factory prices, so the more you purchase, the more discounts you will get.

What’s more, we keep offering daily new popular trendy jewelry items. Our dear clients can update your stores in a timely manner and you would have many happy return customers.

OOK endeavors to provide first-class service by ensuring that all our client's demands are met. If you have any questions and doubts. Please feel free to contact us in the below ways.