Simple Small Daisy Flower Bead Necklace

In recent years, flower elements are extremely popular in the fashion industry. For example, the show in Prabal Gurung 2020 spring and summer series is like an ocean of flowers blooming. Flowers are not only used as flower arrangements on skirts, but also made into headdresses, held in hands, carried in bags, and so on. This has brought inspiration to many designers, so they added many flower elements when designing wholesale fashion jewelry. And as a woman, you are as beautiful as a flower. If you wear jewelry with flower elements, the whole person will be more vivid and full of eye-catching charm.

  1. Jewelry Turns Flowers Into Eternity

    10 Pack Flower Enamel Pendant Charm

    Our lives are so busy that we seldom pay attention to things that seem to have nothing to do with our lives, and ignore the importance of beautiful flowers. In fact, Flowers are the beginning of a lifelong romance, each season must have its own flower. Because flowers remind people of all beautiful and romantic things, and they are also a symbol of beauty and hope. Flowers are things that make women feel happy. The existence of flowers, in addition to a happy mood, also adds a sense of ritual to the long and plain life.

    But the flowers are fleeting and wither easily, what should you do? Don't worry, the following will give you some flower jewelry so that you have eternal beauty.
  2. Round Pearl Flower Jewelry

    Circle Pearl Flower Circle Earrings

    On the golden round earrings, colored beads and flowers of different sizes are linked together, and a cute smiling face is carved in the middle. Seeing it, you might think of a beautiful woman with a delicate wreath on her head and a sweet smile on her face. What a beautiful picture this will be.

    This pair of earrings can not only modify the shape of your face but also add color to your appearance. When you want to go for a walk on the beach, put on an elegant skirt, and then wear this pair of earrings to echo the color of the skirt. You will become the most beautiful "landscape" on the beach.
  3. Flower Butterfly Gold Jewelry

    Daisy & Rose Flower Butterfly Bracelet

    The design of this bracelet is very unique, with a kind of bright feeling. There are red roses, yellow daisies, and pink butterflies in the pendants hanging under the golden double rings. They are all beautiful and pure existences. Whether it is a rose or a small daisy, they will attract the attention of butterflies. After spending some time matching clothes and jewelry, your beauty will also definitely attract people's attention.

    Put on a white shirt and a black skirt. Wearing this bracelet can make your wrist look whiter and slender, and it can also give your already gentle look more advanced. In this way, when you are walking on the street, your brilliance will shine on everyone.
  4. Orange Daisy Flower Jewelry

     Orange Double Daisy Flower Earrings

    Although it does not add too many elements, this simple design gives people a bright feeling. The reason is that the already beautiful daisies have been added with orange tones, making them more vivid and charming. One big and one small daisy are linked together, and the lack of a petal makes them more unique. Most of the time, you may not be perfect, but you must believe that you are beautiful and unique.

    When you want to go to a party, draw delicate makeup, put on these orange earrings, then wear a black dress, and finally wear a pair of orange high heels. This combination will be appreciated by everyone and will make you the queen of the party.
  5. Colorful Sunflower Diamond Jewelry

    Colorful Sunflower Diamond Cuban Necklace

    This necklace looks elegant and cute. There are many sunflower patterns on the large hollow masonry chain, and each sunflower maintains a charming smile. Seeing this necklace, you may feel like you are in a sunflower bush, surrounded by warm sunlight. I hope you can grow happily toward the sun like sunflowers every day!

    If you like the combination of black and white, you can wear a white tube top lace top, and then coat your hands with black nail polish, Finally, wear a sunflower diamond necklace to make your collarbone sexier. You will look delicate and at the same time have a little playful feel.
  6. Vintage Flower Diamond Jewelry

    Vintage Flower Cut-out Diamond Ring

    The hollow flower ring loses its color embellishment, but it is still very beautiful. Its silver texture can make the skin of your hands look fairer, and the hollow design makes your fingers look more slender. The flowers that stay in your hands make the beauty you want within reach. To be a confident woman, your beauty is never obtained from others, but in your own hands.

    In daily commuting, if you want to appear low-key and refined. You can wear a shirt with an open collar, apply nail polish in the same color as the shirt, and finally put on this flower ring to embellish your outfit. After that, your every move can perfectly interpret "What is elegance?"

    Rhombus Beads Flower Earrings

    Flower jewelry is beautiful, and so are you! Flowers can’t be avoided withering, but you who love beauty will always be young and radiant! I hope you can take good care of yourself just like caring for beautiful flowers and spend some time every day carefully select clothes and jewelry to match. Among the flower jewelry recommended for you above, is there any style that makes your heart flutter? If so, you are welcome to click our OOK JEWELRY online store to purchase. In addition, we also have many styles of wholesale fashion jewelry for you to choose from. They are not only cost-effective but also exquisitely crafted. Hope you will like them!