Personalized Butterfly Pendant Diamond Multilayer Necklace

The butterfly waved its wings and set off a tornado in the fashion industry. Since the butterfly camera filter on the ins software became popular, the butterfly element has swept the major fashion brands with lightning speed. From cosmetics to clothing, from accessories to jewelry, the influence of the "butterfly effect" is everywhere. At the same time, because butterflies are very elegant and beautiful, many designers like to add butterfly elements when designing wholesale jewelry. These jewelry with butterfly elements are also widely loved by women.

    1. Beautiful Butterflies Legend

      Butterfly Stud Hoop Combination Earrings Set

      In Western culture, the butterfly symbolizes the three stages of life: birth, death, and resurrection. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, butterflies have the religious meaning of soul regeneration. Creation with it as an element means transformation and rebirth.

      In traditional Chinese culture, the living space of butterflies is beautiful and pleasant. Therefore, it has always been one of the beautiful archetypes in poetry. Many philosophies have given the color of romanticism to butterflies. The image of turning into a butterfly and resurrecting from the dead is also in line with people's pursuit of perfect love.

    2. New Era of Butterflies

      With the development of the times, butterflies have been given new meanings. The transformation of the butterfly is like the growth of a woman, although the years have passed,the beauty remains Butterflies also have a low-key and reserved feeling, which is consistent with the elegance temperament of women.

      Butterfly elements can often reflect the beauty of women's elegance and dignity, and also show women's gentle and generous temperament. The moment the dancing butterfly turns into jewelry, beauty becomes eternal. Butterflies and jewels interpret women's gentle, sexy and elegant temperament to the extreme.

    3. Necklace with Butterfly Elements

      Butterfly Pendant Alloy Chain Necklace

      Necklaces are one of the most common and popular jewelry types. According to different designs, their materials, styles, and lengths can be varied. No matter what style of clothing you are wearing, and what kind of occasion you are attending, wearing a suitable necklace is a great Good choice. So when the necklace collides with the butterfly element, what kind of sparks will it produce? Let's take a look together.

      Butterfly Pendant Single Layer Necklace

      This single-layer gold necklace with a butterfly pendant is very beautiful. First of all, the golden chain is a bright spot, bright and warm, and can make your complexion look fairer. Secondly, its length is just at the position of the collarbone, which can make your collarbone looks sexier. At the same time, many small golden butterflies are added, they are lifelike, as if dancing around their necks. Such a necklace will refract the sparkle under natural light, making you look full of advanced sense.

      Butterfly Rhinestone Tassel Choker Necklace

      The necklace composed of silver crystals makes you shine everywhere, and the length of the chains stays at the position of your neck, making your neck look longer. A large crystal butterfly is decorated on it, which is the finishing touch of this original simple necklace. The beautiful butterfly seems to will fly in the next second, leading you to a place full of flowers. Put on this necklace, you are the “flower fairy” who landed in the mortal world.

    4. Earrings with Butterfly Elements

      Women Trendy Cutout Butterfly Earrings

      Earrings are must-haves in women's jewelry boxes. They are the most close-to-face decorations that can retouch your face shape very well. If you want to stand out in the crowd, choosing exquisite and special earrings will undoubtedly leave a deep first impression on people. If the earrings are added with the butterfly elements, they will definitely become wonderful.

      Different Size Butterfly Pendant Earrings

      Double butterfly pendant gold earrings have a sense of design. Big golden earrings not only set off our skin tone but also make our faces look smaller and more exquisite. Two golden butterflies of the same shape but different sizes are linked together, and the big butterfly below is like an evolved version of the small butterfly above. Put on this pair of earrings and grow slowly like a butterfly, strive to try to find a better version of yourself.

      Simple Butterfly Cutout Earrings

      This pair of women's trendy cutout butterfly earrings are the embodiment of beauty. Light gold earrings can have a good effect of brightening skin tone. The outline of the earrings is large, so it can improve your jawline and make your face look as big as a slap. The shape of the butterfly is well presented as if there is a real butterfly next to your ear. It flaps its wings next to your ears and tells you all the time: "You are very pretty!"

      Digital 2000 Butterfly Pendant Diamond Necklace

      Every girl has a butterfly complex in her heart. No matter how time passes, no matter how the world changes, ups, and downs, butterflies will accompany you to grow. Let us always remember the unchanging insistence on beauty at the beginning, and this persistence also has eternal and unchanging power. Come to OOK to carefully select beautiful butterfly-element wholesale jewelry for yourself! They are not only exquisitely crafted but also reasonably priced, you will love them. Finally, your beauty requires careful management by yourself.