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Unknowingly, the bohemian style has become the favorite of young girls. The bright colors and the origin of the Indian tribe make it invisibly full of mystery and dreamy colors, and it can bring people a sense in any season Kind of a bright feeling. Since the hippies introduced the bohemian style to the fashion world in the 1960s, it has been popular.  It is not only a dressing style but also a respectful attitude towards a better life. And almost every year it occupies a place in fashion, and there must be it in the retro trend. Among them, wholesale bohemian jewelry is the most distinctive and is very popular among fashionistas.

    1. Classic Legendary Bohemian Jewelry

      Geometric & Tie-dye Pattern Cutout Leather Earrings

      It is said that at the earliest time, Bohemia was a place name in ancient Central Europe. After the First World War, it became a province of Czechoslovakia. Gradually, the gypsy style began to be considered bohemian.

      The Gypsies are a nomadic tribe who lives by wandering. Because of the wanderings, they will take away some local costumes with them every time they go to a place. For example, embroidered sequins in India, wavy skirts in Spain, strapless leather tassels in Morocco, etc., this up-and-coming lifestyle endows the unique complexity and inclusiveness of the Bohemian style. Since then, the bohemian style has been vigorously developing. It even became one of the most representative styles in the 1970s.

    2. Modern fashionable bohemian jewelry

      Bohemian Pearl Star Resin Double Necklace

      Nowadays, the bohemian style has also lost its oldest essence. It not only contains the culture of Gypsy but also contains national elements such as cowboys and Indians. It can be said that the bohemian style is to superimpose the oldest elements in a disorderly manner to vent their inner unruly and rebellious. They have been emphasizing handicrafts, the Middle Ages, and Eastern design.

      The bohemian style has always been representative of casual, romantic, folklore, and freedom. Every few years, the bohemian style is popular in the fashion circle, not only because of its colorful and colorful fashion elements but also because it has always been a classic model for perfect interpretation of women's laziness and freedom.

    3. Bohemian Jewelry Long Necklaces

      Ethnic Lotus Pendant Necklace

      The most overlooked thing in an outfit is the necklace, but it often brings surprises the most. It is not only an important embellishment but also reflects your taste. As an authentic "Bohemian girl", a metal necklace is even more essential.

      Metallic pendants often remind people of the hippie trend in the 70s. The long necklaces are decorated with dyed pearls, amulets, or various patterns. Nowadays, large pendants are no longer the first choice of designers. They prefer a variety of cute and irregular mixes. It is a good choice to make it into a few parallel laps or to wear a few strings randomly. They are very suitable for you to wear when you wear all kinds of bohemian dresses.

    4. Bohemian Jewelry Special Rings

      Water Drop Arrow Wave Love Heart Alloy Ring

      Rings occupy an important position in our daily collocation, but there are many styles of rings, and there are many ways to wear them. If you want to wear the ring out of your own style, you still have to work hard. Girls who walk in the bohemian style usually like to wear a ring on all fingers, which seems to be unconventional, but it can show a flamboyant personality. The ring is generally small, but the thumb and index finger can be slightly thicker.

      Silver rings have a little retro and simple taste and are also very suitable for creating a bohemian style, so you can choose rings with criss-cross shapes or iron and silver chain designs. They will look very different, or simple plain ring rings are very suitable for daily wear. When shaking the palm, you can imagine the sparkling picture.

    5. Bohemian Jewelry Big Earrings

      Boho Hemp Rope Braided Tassel Earrings

      As a daily accessory, earrings play an important role. Whether it is clothing matching or makeup, you need suitable earrings to respond. Big earrings are of course a must-have accessory for women who love Bohemian style. Usually, everyone has two choices. The first is traditional earrings with long flowing ears or earrings decorated with various feathers. The second type is earrings with asymmetrical patterns. Young women can try to wear only one or some boldly decorated earrings.

      Bohemian-style earrings will make you full of femininity. Wearing an elegant dress and a pair of earrings in this style will make you look beautiful and noble no matter you attend various occasions. And, when you dance with bohemian earrings and twist your neck, you are really attractive!

    6. Bohemian Jewelry Exquisite Bracelets

      Boho Love Beads Pearl Bracelet Set

      Of course, the wrist cannot be ignored, and the bracelet has also become a stage for designers to get rid of the shackles of Indian inspiration and exert their imagination. In 2021, everyone needs a style of their own, and they can match different designs according to their preferences. Each pattern has a story behind it, some symbolize peace, and some symbolize love. Minimalism likes to use some simple colored lines as decoration. Some people prefer thin and long bracelets made of metal or other textures, with some small pompoms as embellishments.

      Wearing a bohemian style bracelet can add a lot of high-level sense to your collocation. Be an exquisite woman and wear this kind of bracelet to make your behavior full of affection.

Rainbow Color Raffia Woven Earrings

Women who love bohemian style always stand out from the crowd. Bohemian style is a way of life, an attitude of life that does not take an unusual path and pursues artistic spirit. If you like to follow your own nature and express yourself in the way you like, then perhaps it is a good choice to choose wholesale bohemian jewelry in our OOK JEWELRY online store.