Bracelet, the most fashionable "beautiful magic weapon" on a woman's wrist! It's the season of exposing the wrists soon, how can a fashionable woman not have fashionable and novel bracelets?

Acrylic Beads Turquoise Tassel Bracelet

When you don't know what jewelry to choose to match your clothes, you might as well try to choose a pretty wholesale women's bracelet. The colorful and exquisite wholesale womens braceletsare not only reasonable in price and good in quality but also enough to show your unique temperament and taste. If you don’t know how to choose a bracelet that suits you I hope the suggestions given below are helpful to you.


If you are interested, please read on and delve into the colorful world of bracelets.

  1. Learn about Exquisite Bracelets

    Bracelet is a kind of jewelry, a chain worn on the wrist. Its material is generally made of precious stones or metals. A string of bracelets is like a bend of a clear spring, flowing quietly on the wrist, shining brightly. It has the personality of a bracelet and the aura of a necklace. Fine craftsmanship and elegant appearance. Let your demeanor interpret romance, gentleness and beauty. Full of feminine amorous feelings.

    Vintage Butterfly Cuban Clasp Bracelet

    In addition, the bracelet is not like the ring is given too much solemn and sacred meaning. It can be a gift for you to reward yourself, it can be a milestone for you to commemorate the stage of your life. It can also be an accessory that perfectly matches the fashion.

  2. Determine Size of Bracelets

    The size of the bracelet depends on the thickness of the wrist. Under normal circumstances, the length of the bracelet is about 8-10 inches, and its size should be mastered when wearing it. The size of the bracelet should not be too loose or too tight. If it is too tight, it will affect the appearance and comfort. If it is too loose, it will slip onto the hand again. Therefore, usually after the bracelet is worn on the wrist, there should be a finger gap between the chain and the wrist.

    3 Pieces Geometric Circle Chain Bracelet Set

    Choosing a bracelet that fits the size of your wrist can make your wrist look slimmer. Make you look more refined and advanced in an instant.

  3. Choose Bracelets Material

    There are many materials for making bracelets, and each material has its own original luster and texture. You can choose the material of the bracelet according to your needs and conditions. If you don't know which material to choose, it is recommended that you choose gold or platinum texture. Because under normal circumstances, bracelets made of gold or platinum are easy to match with all kinds of clothing.

    Shell Chain Multi-layer Alloy Bracelet

    Choosing a bracelet with good material and a reasonable price can let you easily have the satisfaction brought by the beauty and make you feel more confident.


  4. Strict Screening on Quality

    The quality of the bracelet is an important determinant when choosing. First, it is necessary to determine whether the overall shape is complete. Such as roundness, symmetry, etc. The second is to see whether the structure of the bracelet is reasonable and firm. For example, bracelets are mainly composed of many small rings connected together. If they are not connected tightly, they will easily fall off. If it is a gemstone bracelet, the size of the gap will directly affect the fastness of the gemstone.

    Crisscross Sold Alloy Bracelet

    The quality of the bracelet is as important as the style. If a good-looking bracelet has excellent quality at the same time, it will be perfect.


  5. Appropriate Color Matching

    Bracelets made of various materials have their own inherent colors. Any color must be combined and matched before it can fully reflect its unique charm. Therefore, when choosing a bracelet, first look at the color quality of the bracelet itself. Then the color of the bracelet should suit your skin tone. Finally, whether the color of the bracelet and the color of the clothing can match well is also a key factor.

    Vintage Round Embossed Chain OT Buckle Bracelet

    If the bracelet color is selected correctly, it can adjust the skin color and make your outfit look more harmonious and beautiful.

  6. Matching with Dressing Style

    Many people have their own preferred dressing styles, so when buying bracelets, you can also choose bracelets according to your own dressing style. For women who usually wear more professional clothes, chic and simple bracelets are the most suitable, which are consistent with their own capable temperament. Women who like everyday styles can choose colorful bracelets, which can make you look young and energetic.

    Punk Circle Pearl Chain Metal Bracelet

    Different dressing styles also have different bracelet collocations, so you should also consider your dressing style when buying bracelets. Only by achieving harmony and unity can you look more refined.

Bow Diamond Pearl String Bracelet

Choose the right bracelet, you will meet a more beautiful yourself. I sincerely hope that the suggestions given above can help you better choose wholesale women’s bracelets. In addition, our OOK JEWELRY online store also provides you with a variety of exquisite bracelets, their prices and quality are very good, you can buy with confidence.

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